AuRacle AGT-3 Electronic Gold Tester

AuRacle-AGT-3-Electronic-Gold-Tester-300x173 AuRacle AGT-3 Electronic Gold TesterWe proud in order to introduce the actual latest development in digital gold screening technology through GemOro: the actual AGT-3 AuRACLE tester. The most recent AuRACLE precious metal tester brings together the the majority of user-friendly, best carrying out electronic precious metal tester available on the market with leading edge improved technology which makes it an actually smarter precious metal tester compared to its predecessors. Using its unparalleled precision, you can purchase and assess gold along with total confidence as a result of the really percentage associated with gold every piece consists of. Instead associated with just obtaining a karat worth read away, this brand new AGT-3 tester may even provide you with the exact portion of gold within the metal.

Still small enough to become easily transportable, this tester enables you to be cellular and check gold while you go by having an unbeatable degree of detail as well as accuracy. The brand new design features a storage compartment for that pen probe permitting you to maintain everything in a single convenient location and has a rubberized travel case. Just such as the first decades of AuRACLE testers, you receive immediate outcomes from every test. Quick Mode: The quick mode may only supply with gold and it provides you with a tough value for that gold content from the metal a person are screening in regular jewelry karat values along with a percentage associated with gold existence. Try this out Structural Steel Connections in Revit and Advance Steel

And Improved Mode: This is actually the most thrilling mode within the AGT-3 which puts this a action ahead associated with its predecessors, this test provides you with an precise karat value for that tested precious metal to a tenth of the karat in addition to an precise percentage from the gold content to some tenth of the percent.

It’s features consist of: A difficult nickel-plated screening plate 1 step calibration The pen probe tester Various testing settings
Easy to follow along with instructions Electric battery and AIR CONDITIONING adapter driven A rubberized travel case And ABSOLUTELY NO messy chemical substances! The AGT-3 AuRACLE tester is really a totally non-destructive tester which will determine karat value in only seconds: simply file a little section from the gold to become tested and put it on the actual durable nickel-plated screening plate, contact
it using the pen probe, watching for the actual readout to point both the actual karat value from the gold and also the gold percentage from the metal. The precise alphanumeric electronic display exhibits
results quickly for those three various testing settings. And on top of that, you do not need any kind of prior instruction or knowledge to make use of this tester, and you will find no untidy gels, discoloration chemicals,
or even dangerous acids utilized. And right now, calibrating the actual tester offers gotten actually easier.

The calibration process may be refined in order to necessitate only one step and also you can make use of either a bit of fourteen karat gold or a bit of eighteen karat gold to adjust the tester to find the most precise results, providing you with more versatility with your own gold tester. This unique gold tester may test just about all colors associated with gold through six karat in order to twenty-four karat precious metal, platinum, and may even differentiate between precious metal plate as well as solid precious metal. The pencil probe tester offers immediate check results and will work for five 1000 tests. Which new tester edition includes a good auto-check
function which will guarantee how the pen probe is actually working properly.

You can certainly purchase a brand new pen probe for merely a fraction of the price of a brand new gold tester to maintain using this tester for a long time. Find this unique gold tester from (NH)

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